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⬤ What are the feelings and emotions vocabulary in English? Feeling is an emotion which is the experience in the heart or the sense of touch. Feelings are usually reactions. There are a lot of emotional states that we experience, but actually we can not actually name all these feelings correctly. Below is a list of common feelings that you can learn with images and pronunciations. You can also find many games, puzzles, flashcards, tests and puzzles to learn feelings in English 1. Positive feelings. blissful; brave; careful; cautious; clever; concentrated; confident; curious; ecstatic; excited; fair; fantastic; friendly; glad; good; great; happy; honest; innocent; interested; joyful; mediative; nice; optimistic; pleasant; quiet; satisfied; sensible; serious; surprised; to be in love,lovestruck; to be pleased; to be proud of; wonderfu

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  1. Here is the list of words to express feelings in English: Pleasant Feelings Open. Understanding; Confident; Reliable; Easy; Amazed; Free; Sympathetic; Interested; Satisfied; Happy. Great; Gay; Joyous; Lucky; Fortunate; Delighted; Overjoyed; Gleeful; Thankful; Alive. Playful; Courageous; Energetic; Liberated; Optimistic; Provocative; Impulsive; Free; Frisky; Good. Calm; Peaceful; At Ease; Comfortable; Pleased; Encourage
  2. To feel dislike because of something or someone, to feel annoyed. To feel slightly angry or irritated at someone. Feeling great shock or disgust at something or someone. Feeling great surprise. Feelings of great respect and a little fear because you really respect someone
  3. To begin the journey, here is a list of feelings words from A to Z. A Angry , Annoyed, Afraid, Awkward, Affectionate, Anxious, Alarmed, Awed, Aggravated, Amazed, Astonished, Amused, Apprehensive, Absorbed, Ambivalent, Ashamed, Able, Addled, Admired, Admirable, Affable, Agreeable, Aggressive, Abandone
  4. a strong feeling of anxiety. anxiety. a vague unpleasant emotion in anticipation of a misfortune. delight. a feeling of extreme pleasure or satisfaction. excitement. the state of being emotionally worked up. gratitude. a feeling of thankfulness and appreciation
  5. German word. translation. amüsiert. amused. angespannt. tensed. ängstlich. afraid. apathisch

Feelings and Emotions Vocabulary Word List - Enchanted Learning List of Adjectives to Describe Feelings and Emotions. English. Note. vocabulary. english. Sometimes it's hard to explain exactly how you feel. This vocabulary list helps you narrow down exactly what word best expresses your current emotional state English Vocabulary. Every morning, Sam is so enthusiastic to begin his day that he jumps out of bed and begins to sing. His mother became worried when she didn't hear from him for two days. David is quite shy so he doesn't like talking to people he doesn't know. A year after being fired from his job, Alan is still very bitter Feeling Words List of Feeling Words & Emotion Words. Following is a list of adjectives to help you narrow down exactly what word best describes your current feelings and emotions. Happy; Afraid; Sad; Hot; Amused; Bored; Anxious; Confident; Cold; Suspicious; Surprised; Loving; Curious; Envious; Jealous; Miserable; Confused; Stupid; Angry; Sick; Ashamed; Withdrawn; Indifferent; Sorry; Determined; Craz Emotions, feelings, mood vocabulary, Emotions, feelings, mood word list - a free resource used in over 40,000 schools to enhance vocabulary mastery & written/verbal skills with Latin & Greek roots

List of Emotions: A Huge List of Useful Words to Describe Feelings and Emotions. December 24, 2019. May 21, 2019 by The English Teacher. List of emotions! In this lesson, you will learn a huge list of emotions and feelings words with the picture that you can use to describe feelings and emotions in English. Table of Contents Feelings Inventory. The following are words we use when we want to express a combination of emotional states and physical sensations. This list is neither exhaustive nor definitive. It is meant as a starting place to support anyone who wishes to engage in a process of deepening self-discovery and to facilitate greater understanding and connection. Feeling Words List in english, feeling words strong, feeling words sad, feeling words confusion, feeling words happy, feeling words anger, feeling words energized; STRONG SAD CONFUSION Sure Certain Unique Dynamic Tenacious Hardy Secure Empowered Ambitious Powerful Confident Bold Determined Depressed Desperate Dejected Heavy Crushed Disgusted Upset Hateful Sorrowful Mournful Weepy Frustrated Uncertain Upset Doubtful Uncertain Indecisive Perplexed Embarrassed Hesitant Shy Lost Unsure. Vocabulary words. The Feelings Unit introduces kids to twelve English words: • angry • bored • cold • happy • hot • sad • scared • shy • sleepy • surprised • tired • worrie Download & View Feelings And Emotions Vocabulary Word List - Enchantedlearning as PDF for free. More details. Words: 911; Pages: 6; Preview; Full text; 11/20/2014 Feelings and Emotions Vocabulary Word List - EnchantedLearning.com Anger Management Specialist-I Certification (NAMA) Seminar Orlando FL Dec 4-5 2014 Advertisement. EnchantedLearning.com is a user-supported site. As a bonus, site.

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  1. 100 Feeling Words List PANIC HAPPY Mixed upUnsure Stuck Hurt Lost Frozen Desperate Anxious Insecure troubled Uncomfortable Stunned AmusedDelighted Glad Pleased Charmed Grateful Optimistic Content Joyful Enthusiastic Loving Marvelous ANGER STRONG AnnoyedAgitated Fed up Irritated Resentful Disgusted Outraged Raging Furious Livid Bitter SureCertain Unique Dynamic Tenacious Hardy Secure Empowered.
  2. FRENCH FEELINGS AND EMOTIONS VOCABULARY LIST. The easiest way to talk about feelings in French is to use the verb être followed by one of the adjectives on the list below. Remember to make the adjectives agree in number and gender with the person being described. I am annoyed
  3. This list is by no means exhaustive but is a good place to start. You will notice that some feelings are under more than one category as they are a combination of emotions. For example, jealousy is a combination of fear and anger, while shame is a combination of sadness and fear. Feelings and Emotions Vocabulary

Human beings have a lot of emotions and feelings to express their different states of mind. Read the various types of feelings and words used for happiness to boost your vocabulary Sep 14, 2015 - #Vocabulary Feelings - Word List (English Vocabulary Quiz. Test your word power. Take the Quiz » Name That Thing. Take our visual quiz. Test Your Knowledge » LEARNER'S WORD OF THE DAY outline : a formal agreement or decision that ends an argument or dispute. Learn More » The Merriam-Webster Unabridged Dictionary Online access to a legendary resource Log In or Sign Up » Our Dictionary, On Your Devices Merriam-Webster, With Voice.

Feeling vocabulary. Feelings and emotions. ID: 145610. Language: English. School subject: English as a Second Language (ESL) Grade/level: 6. Age: 5-12. Main content: Feelings and emotions. Other contents Negative Feelings Words, Negative Feelings and Negative Emotions in english; Abandoned Accident Accused Agony Alienated Alone Angry Anxious Ashamed Attacked Battered Belittled Bereaved Betrayed Bitter Boxed in Busy Can't breath Chained Cheated Claustrophobic Confused Controlled Crazy Criticized Damned Deceived Degraded Demeaned Demoralized Depressed Deprived Despair Different Dirty.

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If you're stuck finding a word for a feeling or emotion, here's a nifty vocabulary word list to help Feelings and emotions vocabulary list pdf Learn useful feeling words and emotion words with pictures and example sentences to improve and enhance your vocabulary in English. There are many times when you may need to talk about how you are feeling, or perhaps describe how someone else is feeling. For this reason, it is important to be able to talk about the various emotions in English. You may. Feelings and Emotions Vocabulary Word List. Here is the list of adjectives to describe feelings and emotions in English. Comfortable. Providing or experiencing physical well-being or relief. Amazed. Filled with the emotional impact of overwhelming surprise. Fortunate. Having unexpected good luck. Optimistic List of vocabulary words that appear in the Feelings Unit, with pictures and short definitions for kids. Use it as a teaching tool to introduce, practise an revise English words Here's a list of emotions in English, in A-Z order. (For each word or phrase describing an emotion or feeling you can find an explanation and example sentence.) A. angry: She was angry with her boss for criticising her work. annoyed: I'm very annoyed with him. He hasn't returned any of my calls. She was annoyed by his comments. appalled = very shocked: They were.

150+ List of Emotions, Feelings, and Moods [2020] By January Nelson Updated April 23, 2020. Gian Cescon. By January Nelson Updated April 23, 2020. Gian Cescon. As human beings, we know that we all experience a range of emotions — that's who we are, as social creatures. When we feel a strong emotion or a strong feeling, we tend to act on it, no matter what. According to some scientists. Shame | EMOTIONS WORDS VOCABULARY a feeling of guilt, regret, or sadness that you have because you know you have done something wrong Affections | EMOTIONS WORDS VOCABULARY a feeling of liking and caring for someone or something Attractions | EMOTIONS WORDS VOCABULARY something interesting or enjoyable that people want to visit, see, or do Boredom | EMOTIONS WORDS VOCABULARY The state of being.

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Difficult/Unpleasant Feelings. ANGRY. DEPRESSE Feelings list worksheet . Feelings worksheets: FEELINGS Level: elementary Age: 7-12 Downloads: 2253 FEELINGS Level: intermediate Age: 10-17 Downloads: 1026 Feelings Level: elementary Age: 8-12 Downloads: 843 FEELINGS AND CHARACTER Level: elementary Age: 9-11 Downloads: 765 FEELINGS! - vocabulary set for intermediate and upper-intermediate students (2 pages +keys)different vocabulary activities. The list of the top 20 positive feelings and emotions is random, but the fact is, love is without any doubt the most frequent positive feeling. Moreover, love is an emotion that includes many other emotions and feelings, such as gratitude, interest, joy, awe, and more. Love is an extremely strong feeling of affection, and it is the feeling that makes people feel good, feel happy, and it makes. Our emotions are different day to day. So that's why we have to have a good bank of emotions vocabulary. In pairs, place a pin in the center of the chart and spin it. The pin will point to a specific emotion. Have you ever felt that emotion? When would you feel this emotion in your life? Discuss with your partner In this list of emotions and feelings we refer to positive, negative and variable emotions, but in reality all emotions and feelings can become negative or positive depending on how we live and express them. Moreover, these are not all the emotions that exist because there are also other emotional states we have experienced but in our language do not have a literal translation like.

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Feelings list. by Tim Isbell. Some of us need help getting in touch with our feelings, and also in communicating our feelings to others. Such people (like me) find help in a simple list of feelings. When we find ourselves feeling something but we lack the vocabulary to communicate, we can choose a term from list below. Angry/mad/annoyed. Anxious. Blessed. Bored. Conflicted. Embarrassed, guilty. Find here a list of negative feelings and emotions that start with every letter. The negative emotions are arranged from A to Z, in alphabetical order. Skip to content. POSITIVE WORDS RESEARCH Positive Vocabulary, Nice Words, Good Words, Positive Feelings and Emotions. Write for Us; Courses; List of Positive Words; Other Languages; Dictionary; Apps; Books; Blog; Donate; About Us; Contact. Worn out. This basically means very tired, exhausted or knackered.. It comes from the phrasal verb to wear someone out.. Wow — that was a long list. But you made it this far! Well done! You now know 60 words to describe negative feelings and emotions. As a reward, have some lovely carrot cake Your emotional vocabulary matters! A better emotional vocabulary — all by itself — can help you develop better emotional skills! Researchers are finding that a better emotional vocabulary can help you identify, work with, and regulate your emotions. A rich vocabulary helps you understand yourself and the world around you, and it helps you understand what you're feeling when an emotion. See more. 13. Living alone for the first time. See more. 1. Settling in to a new home. See more. 6. Moments of true happiness

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  1. 50 Feelings and Emotions in Spanish: Expressions, Vocab, and Grammar. Enjoy this guide to expressing your feelings and emotions in Spanish! Many of us think that feelings (los sentimientos) and emotions (las emociones) are the same, but they are actually different.Emotional experiences and physical sensations—like hunger, sadness, or surprise—cause feelings
  2. Emotions and feelings 2. Emotions and feelings 3. How do these people feel. How do they feel ? Feelings, Qualities & States 1-1. vocabulary exercises - index
  3. These adjectives describe good feelings. Positive Feeling Adjectives List in English; 1.Admirable 2.Agreeable 3.Amazing 4.Amiable 5.Amused 6.Amusing 7.Appreciative 8.
  4. Morning meeting is a great time to do that feelings check-in and build the vocabulary. Use the greeting to have students say how they are feeling that day. You can provide students with additional options to describe how they are feeling so they can move beyond happy or sad. Students can have their own feelings charts or you have feelings posters posted in the classroom. 2. Feelings Spinner. A.
  5. Feelings vocabulary games. , spelling game and question and answer games to learn English online. Practice spelling, vocabulary, speaking, questions and answers, as well a grammar with these great games and activities. This game focuses on asking about and expressing emotions and feelings in English with four main sections

Feelings Emotions vocabulary for kids and teachers Our English worksheets are a bundle of fun to improve and practice. Check the ESL printable worksheets and also the picture of Feelings Emotions find their names and fill the missing letters in the boxes. It is an attentive, improving and fine activity. Our unique and several worksheets wait for you; don't waste your time. Dont stop, look. Oct 5, 2020 - A vocabulary list featuring feelings. ope French vocab list: feelings Posted on 10/12/2015 03/01/2020 by Mat in French vocabulary On this page you will find the vocabulary list containing all words related to feelings in french Jun 15, 2019 - #Vocabulary Feelings - Word List (English) Saved from havefunwithyourenglish.blogspot.com.es havefunwithyourenglish.blogspot.com.e

Personality or character is the distinctive qualities of a person that makes him or her feel, behave, or think differently. Being friendly, kind, lazy, or jealous are examples of personality. Some personal traits are good or positive and others are bad or negative. Everyone has more than one of these characters Mar 17, 2020 - Feeling and Emotion Vocabulary List with Urdu PDF, Learn basic English Vocabulary through images.Feeling and Emotion Vocabulary List with Urdu PDF with images in English This section offers some activities and games that can help students put the above vocabulary lists to good use. 1. Feelings Bingo. For this game, you will need bingo cards set up in grids with 25.

Vocabulary; Feelings; Spanish - Feelings. Nouns in red are feminine, nouns in blue are masculine. Bonus: Discover the fastest way to learn Spanish words, with a free 4 day mini course. English Spanish; confortable cómodo: uncomfortable incómodo: disgusted disgustado: calm calmado: nervous nervioso: in pain adolorido: worried preocupado: sick enfermo : well bien: relieved aliviado: lonely. Vocabulary; Feelings; French - Feelings. Nouns in red are feminine, nouns in blue are masculine. English French; upset vexé : surprised étonné: happy heureux: tired fatigué: confortable confortable: uncomfortable inconfortable: disgusted dégoûté: calm calme: nervous nerveux: in pain avoir mal: worried inquiet: sick malade: well bien: relieved soulagé: lonely seul: in love amoureux: sad. Vocabulary » Feelings and Emotions | Views: 16,129 | Level: Complete Beginner | 4 out of 5, rated by 3 teachers | Found a mistake? Find words that express feelings and emotions. Try to be as fast as you can! List of words used in this word search: COLD, HAPPY, TIRED, ANGRY, HOT, WORRIED, THIRSTY, MAD, HUNGRY, SAD, BORED Created using BusyTeacher Wordsearch Creator. Similar Worksheets. Hoy traemos una lista de vocabulario sobre emociones y sentimientos en español. Today we bring you a vocabulary list on emotions and feelings in Spanish. Estos adjetivos (algunos son participios pasados) pueden usarse así: These adjectives (some of them are past participles) can be used like this: Me siento + ADJETIVO / I feel

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Feelings - matching worksheet. Feelings 1 - picture dictionary. Feelings 2 - pdf worksheet. Feelings 3 - word search. Feelings 4 - crossword. Feelings 5 - missing letters. Feelings 6 - unscramble the words. Feelings 7 - multiple choice. Feelings and emotions 1: pdf Students revise some vocabulary about feelings and practise the affirmative, negative and interrogative forms of the verb to be. Level: elementary Age: 10-12 Author:pulce Fullscreen : FEELINGS & EMOTIONS This is a mix and match activity about feelings and emotions. Students have to match words to pictures and then they can reinforce the adjectives learnt by filling the blanks from sentences to. Dutch vocabulary for beginners: 1000 most common words in Dutch. Learn Dutch online. Online video course - lesson 29: Moods and emotions in Dutch +200 Feeling Words List, Feeling Vocabulary List. Feeling Words List For HAPPY. Feeling Words List For SAD. Feeling Words List For ANGRY. Feeling Words List For SCARED. Feeling Words List For CONFUSED. Abused Admired Afraid Aggravated Agitated Alarmed Alienated Alive Ambivalent Anguished Annoyed Anxious Appalled Appreciated Apprehensive Ashamed Assured Awed Awkward Baffled Betrayed Bewildered. Feelings Vocabulary: Expressing Emotions. I spent some time with a dictionary and a thesaurus gathering words for a list of feelings expressed in English with an emphasis upon variety. I organized them in column categories and divided them into strong, medium, and light. Emotions aren't all bad, you know. Happiness — Caring — Depression — Inadequacy — Fear — Confusion — Hurt.

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English Vocabulary: Feelings and Friendship. Here are some words and phrases to talk about how we feel about other people. love = very strong feeling. I love my husband.. adore = love. She adores her niece.. like = have a positive feeling. I like Sue.. like a lot / really like = more than like List of adjectives, synonyms, and related terms to describe feelings. Use the below list to find different terms pertaining to feelings. The list contains adjectives, synonyms, terminology, and other descriptive words related to feelings. Feel free to use this list to expand your vocabulary and be more descriptive

Feeling Words! This page provides a list of feeling words that commonly used to describe someone's feelings and emotions in English Feelings / Emotions / Reactions. 1. Learn the vocabulary. 2. Match the words with the pictures. 3. Match the pictures with the sounds

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This list will help refer to specific emotions, rather than words that are vague or general. Words such as good and bad prevent the listener from connecting easily with what you might actually be feeling. For example, if we say, I feel good about that, the word good could mean happy, excited, relieved or any number of other emotions. In turn, in expressing our needs, we can often get. Hi, there this is Harry and welcome back to my advanced English lessons. What am I going to talk to you about? Today, we're going to talk about your feelings and we're going to use some adjectives to express those feelings.I'm going to give you the adjectives and then I'll go through them one by one, explain them to you and give you a couple of examples

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Why this feelings list? This list of feelings and emotions is a useful tool in relation to the suggested counselling practice that people should express their feelings to help them get better.. As helpers, we can guide clients or patients to listen out for, identify and sit with whatever they're feeling - without judgement That's why I have created a list of emotional vocabulary words that will help you identify, articulate, and communicate your feelings more accurately. In doing so, you'll gain a heightened awareness of your emotions. This means you can master it proactively, rather than falling into self-sabotaging patterns Emotions are complicated, especially when you try to communicate them to someone else. We'll help you put five major emotions into words and give you tips for managing the messier feelings that. Feelings Vocabulary. February 2020. 60 Words to Describe Different Feelings. This feelings vocabulary lists covers the most frequently used words to describe your feeling or mood.. Sep 1, 2018 - #Vocabulary Feelings - Word List (English) Saved from havefunwithyourenglish.blogspot.com.es havefunwithyourenglish.blogspot.com.e

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Nov 8, 2020 - Knowing emotions vocabulary can be very helpful. Are you feeling amused or determined or resentful? You'll be delighted to learn these English vocabulary words Indignation (feeling angry because something is not fair, such as undeserved bad fortune) Envy, jealousy (pain when people have something that one wishes for oneself) Love, a strong emotion of attachment one feels for someone else. Ranges to family, pets, friends, significant others or fictional characters; Darwin's ideas. Charles Darwin's The Expressions of the Emotions in Man and Animals was. Feelings and Emotions Vocabulary with Emojis. A worksheet containing two ice-breaking activities on feelings and emotions, especially for teenagers. In the first one, students draw how they feel today and complete the blank. In the second one, they cut and paste the different emojis in the right column. Similar Worksheets. Feelings - Emojis

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Apr 3, 2020 - Get your 3 FREE English E-Books now to improve your English! These 3 FREE English E-Books will help you learn NEW English words, phrases and expression The 57 emotions listed on this worksheet range from simple (e.g. happiness, sadness) to advanced (e.g. inadequate, disdain). It can be helpful to have one of these worksheets handy when you're working with clients who have difficulty verbalizing how they feel. Let them pick from a list so they can better express themselves, and teach some new vocabulary in the process. If you want to get. Here are the words from the feelings vocabulary topic: afraid alone angry bad better bored brave cheap cool difficult excellent excited free friendly great happy hard interested large lovely noisy pleasant quick quiet ready right sorry special strange strong terrible thirsty unhappy unkind worrie Learn all the vocabulary in any video with quizzes. Swipe left or right to see more examples for the word you're learning. The best part is that FluentU keeps track of the vocabulary that you're learning and gives you extra practice with difficult words. It even reminds you when it's time to review! Every learner has a truly personalized experience, even if they're learning with the.

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Play some word games to learn and practise emotions and feelings vocabulary. 22. 3.596155. Songs. Si eres feliz y lo sabes ¿Qué haces cuando te sientes feliz? Escucha esta canción de acción para niños. ¡Canta y realiza las acciones también! 0. 3.97059. Songs. The only way to live. What can we do to be kind to other people? Listen to a song called The only way to live and sing along. 6. Feelings Inventory The following are words we use when we want to express a combination of emotional states and physical sensations. This list is neither exhaustive nor definitive. It is meant as a starting place to support anyone who wishes to engage in a process of deepening self‐discovery and to. May 22, 2019 - List of Emotions and Feelings | Infographic. List of Emotions: A Huge List of Useful Words to Describe Feelings and Emotions - ESL Forum List of Feelings: Feeling Words and Emotion Words in English • 7ESL Learn useful feeling words and emotion words with pictures and example sentences to improve and enhance your vocabulary in English

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Feelings Inventory How we are likely to feel when our needs are NOT satisfied AFRAID apprehensive dread foreboding frightened mistrustful panicked petrified scared suspicious terrified wary worried ANNOYED aggravated dismayed disgruntled displeased exasperated frustrated impatient irritated irked ANGRY enraged furious incensed indignant irate livid outraged resentful AVERSION animosity. Feelings are feelings are feelings, / Come and go, come and go, Feelings are feelings are feelings, / Come and go, come and go, Feelings are feelings. / Come and go, come and go. Sometimes I am hungry, Sometimes I am thirsty, Some days I feel angry, Other days I'm calm. Feelings are feelings are feelings Emotions (Feelings) Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle Across Down 4 Feeling thankful for something. 1 Calm and having one's feelings under control. 8 Feeling happy about something that happened or pleased you did something you wanted to do. 2 Sad and without hope. 9 Feeling slightly angry or irritated at someone PPT to revise vocabulary about feelings. English File Upper-Intermediate Read more Fernanda Gonzalez Follow 6 Comments 11 Likes Statistics Notes Full Name. Comment goes here. 12 hours ago Delete Reply Block. Are you.

If you're happy and you know it, learn how to say so! Here's our guide to the vocabulary for all the feelings in German you may have Feelings crossword Feelings flashcards Feelings wordsearch Live Worksheets Worksheets that listen. Worksheets that speak. Worksheets that motivate students. Worksheets that save paper, ink and time. High Quality ESL Lesson Plans - Free Samples - $26 Membership Be a better teacher! Hundreds of PDF lesson plans. Grammar, reading, vocabulary. Emotions Vocabulary Sheet. A vocabulary worksheet for teaching emotions and feelings Adjectives of emotions vocabulary, Adjectives of emotions word list - a free resource used in over 40,000 schools to enhance vocabulary mastery & written/verbal skills with Latin & Greek roots Based on assessment information, generate a vocabulary list of familiar, unfamiliar, basic, high frequency, and specialized emotional vocabulary words. Here you can access a list of feeling words to get you started. Arrange the environment to support explicit instruction of emotional vocabulary. Identify which explicit instructional strategies are best matched with daily activities for. Make up a feelings chart to put on the wall - one side with the list of feelings and another side with room to keep tally marks. As the children come in each morning or at certain times throughout the day, each child puts a tally mark next to the way they are feeling at that time. End off each day talking about the prominent feelings from the chart and why children may have been feeling this.

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